Cok Sawitri

cok sawitriI just say, that sketch based on Cok Sawitri’s face. I am not confident to say that it is Cok :). She is a writer, drama teacher, and dancer. ‘I can be everything to everyone’, she said. Be an activist for a women, be a witch for her neighbour, be a writer for Indonesian literacy (most my favorite book writen by Cok is ‘Janda dari Jirah‘ and the sadness poetry: Langit adalah Panggung), be a ‘black sheep’ for a government, and for me..she is my nice friend and sure…a fortune teller :).

First time, I meet her when I was college student on 1999. We were joint a discussion about 10 years after Rio de Janeiro Conference. Ya, we were ‘an activist’…green activist ;).


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