Sadikin Gani


The first idea to made this sketch when I travelled with him to West Sumatra, last November 2013. He sit down in front of me when he looked at the scene of Singkarak Lake from his camera. I made the raw sketch in my notes. Than I transfered the concept to the my sketch book and added the rendering with titanium pencils. Nice lines used this stuff.The result…I don’t confident to say that it is him, just based on his face :).

Sadikin Gani, first time I meet him in 2010 (may be,  when he asked me joint for  website project about travelling: Lost in Indonesia. I often contact with him when I wrote for ONLINE rubric, Ide Bisnis magazine. He was be writer and consultant for this rubric.

He is the man with ‘thousands ideas’ and for me, someone out of there who always on line almost 24 hours. He told me about leftliest Marxist, e-commerce, and street style photography. There are  little things that I know about him. Last project I do with him and Bayu is creating the ‘dream home’ for Indonesian fashion and style : The Actual Style.


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