Ridwan Kamil: I would like to pass on Public Transportation (National Geographic Indonesia, September 2014)

The way it’s like blood flow. If the blood flow smoothly the blood circulation was smooth.

Ridwan Kamil okThe challenge is not easy for Ridwan Kamil. While visiting the office Urbane in Dago, Bandung, we were greeted with a sketch yellow walls of the city. It’s become a favorite side wall Ridwan Kamil, founder of Urbane, for the photocall. A space which has been the outpouring of ideas and his work, was about to change.When he then total care of a sketch upcoming Bandung. A new challenge he faced after his election to mayor.

“I do not want my children, representing the children of Bandung, live in the city that is not livable,” said one of the reasons Kang Emil (nickname Ridwan Kamil) into politics.

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