Photo by Prasto Wardoyo

Titik Kartitiani loves coffee, books, plants, ethnobotany, mountains, travelling, writing, and dreaming. As an elementary school student, she yearned for travelling to the moon. “Do you want to be an astronout?” asked her teacher. “No. I just want to travel to the moon to find out if there’s a princess sitting with her cat.” She always saves this dream inside her head and heart.

Having graduated as an agronomist at Sebelas Maret University in Surakarta, Titik’s college years was utterly amazing. She had always thought it would be cool to be a scientist at The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). As it turned out later, she had no qualified GPA to apply for the dream job but she knew very well the idea of being a government civil servant was never her biggest passion to pursue in life. She later worked as a researcher involved in health and economic research projects of Gadjah Mada University for RAND and UCLA (University of California). The job, however, was too overwhelming for her.
In 2003, Titik set out her journey on the journalism career path. She joined Kompas Gramedia and became a part of the first team responsible for publishing several magazines. There were Flona magazine, Home Garden magazine, and Ide Bisnis. Than became a part of team created fashion portal http://theactualstyle.com/ and wildlife portal http://www.foksijatim.com
She admits her passion of writing is much larger than her corporate job. Since 1995, Titik has already been a fiction author whose works were published in Jaya Baya (a Javanese publication), Femina, Suara Merdeka, Suara Karya, Suara Pembaruan, etc.

She has the strongest interest in plants, gardening, and cultures. Her works on these themes have been published by National Geographic Indonesia, Martha Stewart and Living, Traveller, Intisari, and so forth.

Since 20015, she has been contributor for National Geographic Indonesia and Intisari Magazine. Also provide video, text, and photograph with Prasto Wardoyo for http://www.talaindonesia.com

To her, writing is sharing, which is truly amazing. Titik currently resides in East Java, Indonesia with her husband, her lovely daughter Sausan, and Rio the cat.

Contact her at titikkartitiani(dot)tk(at)gmail(dot)com.
Juni.7.2016, finally I have personal blog with “dot.com” address. Thank you to Rahmad Setiadi who help me to realize that “project”.
This profile text editing by Akhlis Purnomo. Suddenly, He is “unconfortable” read this profile than edited it, with smile. Thank you.
And last, the photograph by Prasto Wardoyo. He is Reuters’s camera person,  at river side coffee shop. The nice coffee shop build in “restricted area”.  But who care when we can see the beautifful sunset and  bussy seagulls?

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  1. Mbak Titik, saya tertarik membeli buku The Secret of Performing Leaves. Saya sudah mencoba menghubungi Arkea tetapi belum ada respon. Apakah bisa membeli melalui Mbak? Terima kasih.

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